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Cloud Computing

Greenboard for Airports

Greenboard is an environmental suite that helps Airports collect, monitor, analyze and report environmental data. A dashboard helps you visualize the overall picture, and to drill-down to minute details when needed.An AI agent efficiently organizes data collection from all eligible sources, and another one detects anomalies. Not to miss, your data stays in your premises, and is augmented by information served by a cloud based AI that curates data for you from an exhaustive knowledge base.

Cloud Computing

Greenboard for SME's

Greenboard for SMEs helps small and medium businesses collect, monitor and report their environmental footprint.Greenboard offers customized reporting mechanism for most common certifications and regulations applicable. It was created for, though isn’t limited to, ISO 14001 and EU’s eco-management and audit scheme. Depending on level of automation on premise e.g. presence of smart meters and connected sensors, it also proposes cost saving projects and other eco-friendly additions and upgrades.